vrijdag, februari 11, 2005




dinsdag, februari 08, 2005

howz that..you didn't tell us??

so many great events recently, about which a normal blogger person would say: now thàt would make an interesting read for my virtually non-existant blog audience.. so what did i do: right: not spend the time to tell you guys and girls about all of these miraculously delicious bits of life.. only the bush-person, yep, he got me to blog you again.. did i already tell you about the ugly cars his security people drive? like, when was this ford taurus designed? before the concept of cad/cam? before style, taste or common sense were invented? (same era as the b-master himself?)

let's quickly make up for the missed events, in a slightly higher tempo than could otherwise be expected..

less than a year after being hit by a car, my aunt has not only awoken from a serious coma, she has also recovered so well, and has learnt lot's of stuff which you and i don't even need to think about anymore when doing them.. last week, we celebrated her coming home party, it was fant-tas-tic to see her, surrounded by her many friends who have supported her, in thoughts and / or in actions.. she was visibly a happy person, i was really moved and impressed by the strenght this woman has in her..

after 35 years in the firm, a colleague of which people feared was 'lost' outside the company walls, celebrated his retirement in the company restaurant.. never before have we seen a drink so well catered with snacks.. so many people who wanted to give their colleague a warm goodbye, did not expect the man to say during his speech that 'he was and is a happy man'.. his motto 'carpe diem', did not go unnoticed.. he spoke some truly honest and kind words, and i'm sure even his adversaries will respect him for so much wisdom in a single speech..

the interior of the broekseelse library has been redone, so you can actually have a seat now when reading your favorite magazine..

sooner than expected: a new niece in the family!! cute little baby! beautiful, simple, and recognisably flemish name.. proud father (tired mother..)

i recently re-discovered the unsurpassed 'kinderen voor kinderen' songs (especially the early years!! teddy bear, rik, kerst ezel, tietenlied, kom je straksje bij me spelen).. thanks you guys, illegal providers of such sweet childhood memories..

at the last company ball, some 10 days ago, me and my 1890 party-mates enjoyed a private (1.5 hour!) concert of miss axelle red, pregnant as dew drop, vibrant as ever.. those sexy moves.. the purple piano.. the excellent table we had..

enough for today.. what the hell, enough for tomorrow also! goodnight from denjames

it is coming to town..

you may have read about it in your local newspaper, or maybe a regional television channel popped this in a five-minute news-of-the-day loop.. it is coming to town, the bush-man is visiting the capital of europe, and we'll all be there to enjoy his holy illiterateness to mess up traffic for three days in a row.. routines are as follows: *insert company name here* visitors should submit, more than three days before the first day of *his presence*, a copy of their id, drivers licence, etc etc.. all staff will receive a memo, stating that they work - well, for most of us that is actually true - in the *insert company name here* building.. no document, no access, no work.. no pay?
so, here's where moving out half of our staff to the broekseelse suburbs pays off a first time..
rumour goes the bush-man will bring some 2,000 crew, filling up all three major hotels next to our building.. - de morgen only estimates some 700, but they have never been too strong in getting numbers right - ..all major construction works will need to stop for three days, and all traffic will be completely shut down..
finally an event i can blog live.. not from the convention centre, but still..