maandag, juli 17, 2006

open letter

i like pam's letter to CXOs, as guy pointed out: it's very recognisable.. she's an interesting lady..

zaterdag, juli 08, 2006

it's been a while

so i know, but it feels good.. to catch up, i'd like to share that
- scobleizer has left the evangelist team, well, micro$oft alltogether. his exit interview is now online at channel 9;
- mini has gone on a break after his commenters started to get vicious, and some of his wildest dreams start to get implemented: since 18/05/06, no more curves at ms;
- some colleagues got married, some babies were born/announced, some people have left us too soon (again);
- our 'number two' is growing, fast, and yes: we're taking less pictures than we did the first time around;
- we've found a new architect to build the house of our dreams - not so long ago, it almost became the house of our nightmares.. at least it evolving in the right direction now;
- i got a new boss last may - who officially does 'functional coordination', not 'hierarchical supervisory' since he's stationed in london (and i'm not ;) ;
- my new boss resigned from the company earlier this week, even though we'll work together until september something - he's found a new challenge;
- we've enjoyed a great family vacation at the seaside.. to be repeated..
- they've announced yet another spelling revision.. whatever.. for me, citroen should be written sitroen, so we actually don't need 'groene boekjes' or 'wordlists' and so
- did i mention that people got murdered for no apparent reason??
- i'm looking for a spot to try my trombone again.. and some fellows to try those acapella songs again.. mind you: these searches have been going on longer than the current blog exists, and initiatives in those areas have been even less frequent..

that should do it, no?
back in .... august?