woensdag, juni 30, 2004


a couple of weeks ago, we enjoyed yet another election in our small Kingdom.. for those newly elected that didn't study linguistics: let me give you a hint or two..

when being interviewed, keep in mind two expressions that will save your day
1: the journalist makes a statement that does not look positive towards you / your political party
=> always begin your answer with 'on the contrary' [integendeel], and then say something completely meaningless (or at least something that cannot be verified)
2: you are halfway through your answer
=> throw in a couple of 'on top of that / and to take it even further' [bovendien] and then continue to say something completely meaningless

this seems to work for 80% of your predecessors: a small example could look like this
Q: your party seems to have lost a lot of votes compared to the last elections?
A: on the contrary!, in the village of Deurne-West, we have gained almost 2%! and on top of that, it is not the quantity of the votes, but rather the quality of the votes that matter to us..
glad I could help!


even though my soulmate does not approve of it, I admire Dilbert.. incredible how this mirror of daily office reality smashes in your face - it's the best cartoon since Biebel.. from time to time, I realise that I'm starting to behave just like the pencil drawn egos by scott adams.. forced by higher powers commented on in my favorite newspaper..

some trendwatchers commented recently on how traditionally spear-point technology companies have become administrative burdens, and traditional administrations have evolved into creative and imaginative employers.. whereas five years ago you could still make fun of government personnel falling asleep during their morning commute because they lacked challenges, they now simply earn more money, go home early, ride the train for free, and don't suffer from ulcers after every semi-annual 'appraisal-process'.. guess who's laughing now.. D'oh..

Hello World!

while half of Europe is glued to a television set and summer is still deciding to gear up, I finally take some steps into Blogging my raging thoughts.. Hello World! is the expression that cheers louder than the couple of thousand 'Oranje' freaks wining about an underperforming coach.. last time I looked, it used to be the overpaid guys ON the field who made the difference..

enough about football - happy it's nearly over.. poor Portuguese, decades in debt for two weeks of fun... I don't get it..

about this blog: it may not always be poetic, but it will be genuine.. one of the qualities I appreciate most in people..

more to come, but first I need to fumble about my template and settings...