dinsdag, oktober 19, 2004

proms 2004

donderdag, oktober 14, 2004

bush bulge frenzy

denjames doesn't quote a lot, but here's one anyway:

Anonymous said...
Watching President Bush answer questions in the third presidential debate, I saw some possible support for the theory that he is receiving the answers through a wireless connection. When he spoke about his faith and his wife, he spoke normally and the pitch of his voice naturally varied with the emotion he wanted to convey. It is clear he was not repeating what he was told at these points. However, when he was answering more technical question his intonation was awkward and he paused in strange places. He was speaking as if he didn’t really know what he was saying.

During these more policy or technical answers, the pitch of his voice didn’t really vary as it would normally vary in a sentence. In addition, he would pause at awkward moments such as when he said “increase the border (pause) patrol.” Pausing between border and patrol is not very natural. The two words are used pretty much as a single unit. It is kind of like “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” The entire phrase functions as a single syntactic element. You are not likely to say “Weapons of Mass (pause) destruction.” There were several examples of these awkward pauses.

If someone were telling him the words to say, it would make sense that he might just say them with no intonation and pause at random places. This is by no means evidence, but it is somewhat suspicious. There may be a cunning linguist out there who has more to say on this subject.

don't you just love the way the 'internets' makes information available so fast, so elaborately, so shamelessly.. not really fond of all that 'anonymous', but hey, if you live in the country with *freedom of speech* as most of these anonymous do, you better watch out for the secret service.. funny how that abbreviates to ss.. for those who don't get this, maybe type 'hitler+ss' in google, and learn..
proud to say that i'm a linguist, and that the above quote is about the best evidence yet produced that something strange is going on in the presidential debates, to say the least.. also see bushwired, bushbulge and the likes..

goodnight, and don't let the echelons bite..

vrijdag, oktober 08, 2004


read this
"The shortest way between two points is under construction"
here. Don't know whether he made that up himself, but denjames thinks its funny..

ze missterrie of ze pistoleekes

friends, foes, readers, bloggers, surfers, it has been found..

the quest for the grale in the form of a recipe can safely be ended, ze missterrie of ze pistoleekes is no longer a missterrie to me, regardless of what rooien bizon has to say about that..
it appears pistoleekes should be conceived as small loaves of bread, but to be prepared with cold water rather than half warm.. also, you should kneden the deeg much longer, because of the cold water, and because you're dealing with pistoleekes..

is that clear? now why didn't you just tell me so before?

denjames (bij GMAIL puntje KOM)

woensdag, oktober 06, 2004


so, denjames [at] djee-meel is being tested by myselves..
what would i say to the google-boys should i meet them in the hallway (or the train for that matter)..

i'd tell them to speak to the blogger guys, as 'gmail' is currently missing from the standard spell-check-dictionary-pop-up-window that i love so much.. [ok, just added it..] surely 'google', 'gmail', 'blogger' etc should not be replaced by 'googol' or 'blocker' and they should know that; i was quite surprised this wasn't foreseen..

the 'save as draft' thingie launched today was clearly on the top of my list, as i kept on sending files to 'me'.. they beat me there, which is perfecto of course..

and for the blogger guys? tell me how i can find back lists of blogs, by other means than listing books i never read or clicking the randomising 'next blog'..

guys, are you there? let me know if you need further feedback..


wake up..

you may think, where has he been..

not all too difficult: organising some gmail access, getting a transfer to another division of our beloved **insert company name here**, trying out this year's version of the flu, breaking my beloved camera, seeing off my grand dad on his final trip.. nothing to post about really..

and you, what have you been up to??