maandag, augustus 14, 2006


my kid's come up with a wonderful solution for the unpronounceable dutch word bibliotheek, which translates into the unpronounceable 'library'.. since we're taking books back and forth from this building, why not call it a 'boekentheek', closely related to the endangered 'videotheek' but then for 'boeks'.. it works in english as well - see title - so i think it' s a great find..
this should reduce the frustration with young readers around the world, who hesitate to ask their parents for a round trip to the public house of books, because of their fear to get stuck in a stammering 'librewery' or 'bibbel-ibbel-joebel-teek'..

increase the literacy in the world, start with simplifying the words for the literature institutions
well done, kiddo!