zaterdag, mei 14, 2005


next to being the name of my daugther's doll, amelie is also a great movie.. good enough to feature in my top 10, and to buy on DVD.. so to the fnac..

fnac: 22 euros and a bit, for the normal version with little extra's.. that's a lot of money.. anyway, i wanted it so i got it.. on the way home, quickly checked wether mediamarkt also had this version.. they didn't: only the special edition, with an extra DVD full of documentaries, audio comment, storyboards, games etc.. for 10 euros less than the normal fnac product..

makes you wonder why fnac is in financial difficulties: they scare away their audience by shameless overpricing..

went to fnac to bring back my expensive, low-extra-feature copy of amelie.. why? they asked.. because i already had a copy.. (forgot to mention that i got it afterwards only, but hey, what did you expect).. twice as much fun, for half the price.. (not in fnac)