donderdag, juni 09, 2005

indecent proposal?

shall i compare thee to a summer's day?

(=> no thank you!)

shakespeare is a man of all times: this phrase has been sitting in my head ever since summer announced itself with the first glorious rays of sunshine last april/may.. looked up the full poem and fell for the guy for about the hundreth time now.. (and, trust me, i do not often fall for guys.. i'm more the anne hathaway kind of person)


never been a big fan of any supergroups.. couldn't really care for the umpteenth beatles, stones, u2, prince or other album.. i like songs, rather than bands, so i have as many favorite performers as i have favorite songs.. have been envious of those that were/are addicted to one band only though: chiara and her Bono, fien and her mano negra, gwen and her Prince, karim and his Michael J.. man could these people talk for hours about their passion - or at least, that's what you'd think when you see them enjoying their music..

in recent years, i have had the privilege - thank you - of working at a lot of shows, mostly the mass events surpassing the 15,000 audience mark.. i have noticed how much i like seeing the stage before and after the show, but not during.. as soon as the music'd start, i'd go sit on a chair, somewhere backstage, not to be bothered by the ''spectacular light shows''.. just like listening to the radio really..

well that's what does it for me.. makes me happy, so: anyone a backstage ticket for u2 tomorrow??.. i'll let you go watch the show, done deal..