maandag, augustus 30, 2004


denjames' sjokko is online as of today.. please learn dutch, and read all about the world's best sjokko

woensdag, augustus 18, 2004

Antwerp by Evening

vrijdag, augustus 13, 2004

Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life

you don't see that a lot anymore these days..
when i was looking for a job - some time ago, when there were still more around - i wanted to work for whatever company who would offer products or services with such an approach: be the best, go the farthest for the customer, try the hardest.. sony vaio laptops was one place i really appreciated for that, among few.. knowig how demanding i am myselves, how much i want out of a product or service provider, i wanted to commit - through an employer - to deliver such service..
a few years along the line: not easy to find such products.. in fact, I'm quite happy this blogger guy mentions this, just to know that customer satisfaction still exists.. **insert company name here**, employer of yours truly, is getting lost in 'keeping focus', 'client focus initiatives', 'client satisfaction surveys', 'employee surveys', 'action plans' and more of that cr**..

to end on more positive note, let me try to list the few things of which i am so positively happily suprisingly satisfied you should know about it: the bugaboo, digital canon ixus (400), all of the babybjorn stuff we have, dell flatscreen, toshiba laptop(1994!!!, still going ok for the office applications, on win'95), marks and spencer shirts (i bought the last ones before they closed all of their shops in belgium - the collar, those sleeves!!), a 'kitchen devil' knife, my giant samsonite travelling case..
i sincerely hope these products will support me for a few years longer, as i don't even have a clue whether they are indeed guaranteed for life - i kinda hoped i never have to find out...

donderdag, augustus 12, 2004

don quixote

gettin' old?

denjames is gettin old.. so fast..
proof #1: today my soulmate and me got us a braun electric toothbrush.. on dentist prescription, that's true, but still.. electric toothbrushes are not supposed to be bought by people under at least 40.. you're supposed to have the energy to do the brushing yourselves.. anyway, our dentist says those brushes are more efficient; effective if you want.. she's over 40..
proof #2: tomorrow's my soulmate's birthday - how much more in the face can do you want it..
proof #3: for a birhtday present - i can tell you that already - i've found a new electronic radio alarm for which the clock part - and this is the freaky bit - is guided by radio waves, so you never have to manually set it right whenever the 'ploƱ' gives in, or when summertime (daylight saving time) switches from one to the other.. all the charm of sleeping too long because you had an electricity failure somewhere during the night: no more excuses! setting the clock one minute too far so you had to hold the button for another 23 hours and 59 minutes just to get it right (those japanese made sony things never seem to have a 'rewind' button for those 'one minute accidents') - all over..

funny that it are these home appliances which have been around for years that make me realise i'm gettin old.. rather than me trying to keep up with new technology - mp3, blogs, homeworking through VPN, digital canon IXUS, GPS systems on a bycicle.. maybe it's because it's the kind of technology that my parents use, toothbrushing away.. never thought i'd become such a parent.. so fast..


woensdag, augustus 04, 2004


[v] blogsaland

no more pollution of denjames.. for vlomse posts, please now also enjoy a trip to blogsaland

maandag, augustus 02, 2004

more than words


(vrij vertaald: meer dan woorden: zingen!)