donderdag, augustus 18, 2005

so busy - so happy

not sure whether this blog is supposed to be positive:: still kind of mixed feelings about all of this spilling your guts on the internetz::

on the one hand, i'm happy that it has been a while since i last updated this page.. so many blogs out there, so few people who really produce interesting read.. me, i am aware that i only publish blabber.. happily so: a young father, planning to build a house, exacting job, should not have time to publish daily, as that would imply either one of three above is not being taken seriously..
on the other hand, i'm publishing today, so either i have nothing to do or i did some great time management today (or i went to bed way too late).. probably the last.. if you ask my soulmate:: definitely the last..

for a great quote, illustrating the undescribable respect and overwhelming love parents feel for their kids, learn some dutch and visit blogsaland.. had to share that, you know..

also:: new Ingvar Kamprad booklets are out.. what will your kitchen look like next year?