woensdag, oktober 06, 2004


so, denjames [at] djee-meel is being tested by myselves..
what would i say to the google-boys should i meet them in the hallway (or the train for that matter)..

i'd tell them to speak to the blogger guys, as 'gmail' is currently missing from the standard spell-check-dictionary-pop-up-window that i love so much.. [ok, just added it..] surely 'google', 'gmail', 'blogger' etc should not be replaced by 'googol' or 'blocker' and they should know that; i was quite surprised this wasn't foreseen..

the 'save as draft' thingie launched today was clearly on the top of my list, as i kept on sending files to 'me'.. they beat me there, which is perfecto of course..

and for the blogger guys? tell me how i can find back lists of blogs, by other means than listing books i never read or clicking the randomising 'next blog'..

guys, are you there? let me know if you need further feedback..