vrijdag, juni 27, 2008

MSU's Acafella's

these wonderful guys bring us a wonderful rendition of hallelujah, the leonard cohen song that worked so well for jeff buckley... as fits a acapella u group, this one's straight from the dorm hallway or something... nice carpet, guys, and great stage


donderdag, januari 24, 2008

fix you

its been a while since i last blogged sth... rather than mowning about the latest train frustrations, i want to make sure you are updated on probably one of the best live performances ever.. enjoy..

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donderdag, februari 01, 2007


we have a new pub in hove, since today.. they choose the very appropriate name 'bahnhove', as it is located in the old train station building.. i hope they will serve coffee in the morning, when all of us hove-livers wait for the train that is always late..

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vrijdag, september 15, 2006


found some funny office videos: david brent sharing his views on the microsoft values, and handing ideas on 'realising your full potential'.. apparently, this microsoft uk ordered video material recently found it's way to the net without microsoft wanting it.. the two 20 minute clips were filmed in 2004, after ricky gervais had said his 'david brent' character had retired, never to appear again in public.. microsoft obviously are annoyed, and are now figuring out how the viedo made its way to the net..
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vrijdag, september 08, 2006

microsoft belux: scoble #2?

bruno, the general manager of microsoft in belgium and luxemburg, today announced on his blog that he has resigned from the company.. reminds me of scoble: two of the most inspired microsoft bloggers have now changed hats, which may sound a bit sad but probably is like music to the likes of mini and co.. i sure hope for mr segers that he's a L68, so he won't have to bother about the finances for a while..

maandag, augustus 14, 2006


my kid's come up with a wonderful solution for the unpronounceable dutch word bibliotheek, which translates into the unpronounceable 'library'.. since we're taking books back and forth from this building, why not call it a 'boekentheek', closely related to the endangered 'videotheek' but then for 'boeks'.. it works in english as well - see title - so i think it' s a great find..
this should reduce the frustration with young readers around the world, who hesitate to ask their parents for a round trip to the public house of books, because of their fear to get stuck in a stammering 'librewery' or 'bibbel-ibbel-joebel-teek'..

increase the literacy in the world, start with simplifying the words for the literature institutions
well done, kiddo!

maandag, juli 17, 2006

open letter

i like pam's letter to CXOs, as guy pointed out: it's very recognisable.. she's an interesting lady..