woensdag, juni 30, 2004


a couple of weeks ago, we enjoyed yet another election in our small Kingdom.. for those newly elected that didn't study linguistics: let me give you a hint or two..

when being interviewed, keep in mind two expressions that will save your day
1: the journalist makes a statement that does not look positive towards you / your political party
=> always begin your answer with 'on the contrary' [integendeel], and then say something completely meaningless (or at least something that cannot be verified)
2: you are halfway through your answer
=> throw in a couple of 'on top of that / and to take it even further' [bovendien] and then continue to say something completely meaningless

this seems to work for 80% of your predecessors: a small example could look like this
Q: your party seems to have lost a lot of votes compared to the last elections?
A: on the contrary!, in the village of Deurne-West, we have gained almost 2%! and on top of that, it is not the quantity of the votes, but rather the quality of the votes that matter to us..
glad I could help!


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haha, I'm from Hove too :)

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