dinsdag, februari 08, 2005

it is coming to town..

you may have read about it in your local newspaper, or maybe a regional television channel popped this in a five-minute news-of-the-day loop.. it is coming to town, the bush-man is visiting the capital of europe, and we'll all be there to enjoy his holy illiterateness to mess up traffic for three days in a row.. routines are as follows: *insert company name here* visitors should submit, more than three days before the first day of *his presence*, a copy of their id, drivers licence, etc etc.. all staff will receive a memo, stating that they work - well, for most of us that is actually true - in the *insert company name here* building.. no document, no access, no work.. no pay?
so, here's where moving out half of our staff to the broekseelse suburbs pays off a first time..
rumour goes the bush-man will bring some 2,000 crew, filling up all three major hotels next to our building.. - de morgen only estimates some 700, but they have never been too strong in getting numbers right - ..all major construction works will need to stop for three days, and all traffic will be completely shut down..
finally an event i can blog live.. not from the convention centre, but still..


Blogger tantieris said...

Just 1 big, fat AWOOOOOEEEEOOOEOE from mijnentwege !
And a rotten tomatoe can do the thing I wanna do. AWOE the bushman !!!
Thankx !

2:12 p.m.  

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