maandag, juli 26, 2004

action plan

in order to attain my SMART objectives, i should focus on the deliveries in my various action plans, so that by target date, two days ahead of deadline, and two weeks before implementation date of my proposed quick wins, but after first provisional signoff date, i have a clear commitment from the stakeholders or actionnees from which i am dependant.. i should also take care not to commit on projects to which my MD investment would be of little added value, especially if payback is over two months.. i'd best scrutinise the defects appearing on my ctqs through a thorough root cause analysis, rather than a ballpark estimate of the underlying actors..
in the short term: words to use are challenger (mind the french pronunciation!), sponsoriser, and focusser.. further more, be sure that you have 'a working plan', in which the various 'actionnees' are clearly input..