maandag, juli 05, 2004

genuine - exhibit 2: isifa

got a call yesterday.. from an italian friend celebrating a mutual friends' wedding that day.. too many kilometers from where I was, as I should have been there..


we go way back, we happened to be in the UK during an Erasmus exchange at the same time.. with a group of friends, we felt very connected, and hung out all the time..

even though he was probably very 'droenk' yesterday (partying all day long.. on an a sunday, indeed, as they do at italian weddings..), and even though it had been a while since we had spoken, we understood each other very well..

life goes on after university.. some people find a job, some are forced to perform X months of 'service', others keep procrastinating as they did on university, others start teaching.. some people move to spain, some to a boat cruising half of the world, some go to india to undergo a different culture and learn to appreciate the things we all have and never dare to question..
some people vanish into a kibboets, never to be heard of again.. intelligent people holding umpty degrees in all types of sciences, only to get stuck with a lousy job in Pays Basque or South Africa, far away from home and the ones they care about..
some try to cheer up children in hospitals by dressing up and performing magic.. some start at the bottom of the food chain in an international supermarket company or an international settlement house.. some get married, some get children, some simply don't and enjoy that just as much..

but they were all so genuine.. people you can count on..

life goes on, but it is worth looking back from time to time, remebering those who have made your life so much more valuable.. so much more fun.. so much more raga, fuffa, giobba, galiba, ...

thanks you guys, for being genuine..