vrijdag, juli 02, 2004

blah blah 200.000 blah blah

jobs they wanted to create.. I don't think I saw a deadline next to that number when politicians in expensive suits announced it with pump and circumstance.. a course on six sigma anyone?

a couple of months down the line.. confusing messages: **insert provider here** cancels IT projects because it cannot find the required staff - not even through consultancy houses..

you don't read about that in press-releases..


Blogger Rikea said...

I do not at all want to defend those expensive suits -on the contrary!!!- but it was Verhofstadt who made the 200.000 jobs as a goal for the Belgian government. Even though they will NEVER make it, I wanted to say their deadline was the end of the legislature (2007).

2:20 p.m.  

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