maandag, juli 12, 2004

blogging software

almost two weeks old now.. not too many blogs, as i've just being enjoying some olli daiz.. as most of my potential readers are.. flemish guys and girls, enjoying the wet summer yet?

documenting myself on the blogging thing, i came across some more experienced writers.. oh my god.. is everybody designing a proper piece of software to run their website? cockfights about whether to use MovableType or wordpress.. the basic idea i got after a couple of hours touristing these blogs was: either the website has performance issues, one is redesigning it, they just did a transfer from this platform to that one and are still experiencing some bugs.. my goodness: is computer hell unavoidable when blogging? the endless list of add-ins, snippets of code, scripts to use or plug-ins to develop is probably needed to generate more of these fantastic ideas and stuff like the google and the blog and the hover image and the rasterbators... but the wining about all of it is so tiring....

try molly's website for example.. next to her pieces on gender, she goes on forever on whether or not her publishing company will be pleased with her using this or that piece of software to structure her thoughts.. it may not be a good comparison, but let me offer it anyway: dear molly, do you think all factory workers of porsche's go home in a shiny 911? of course not, and i don't think their bosses will be upset either..

hope this helps :)