zaterdag, juli 10, 2004

free toilet guide

now there's a promising title, i hear you think..

well, it's an interesting idea as well.. [please research whether it was launched before -- i know you blogger-community-people do that type of stuff, try to find who was the first to launch an idea] let me not worry about that for the moment and go on explaining what i'd expect to read under such an entry

how often does it happen to you that, right in the middle of a shopping spree with the misses, you suddenly have to go, urgently.. !{ as she has already spent most of what you've made in the last four months, you think 'what if my finding a bathroom shouldn't cost me another euro on top of the visa for today?' aha! if you'd browsed my website before leaving for the city or shopping mall, you'd know where to go!! pee for free, now there's a slogan!

just to give you an idea:

In Antwerp
* there is a public mensroom on the groenplaats, the giant square next to the cathedral (not too far from FNAC or Bilbo, two of my favorite destinations..)
* near the Schelde, go to the second street behind the city hall, where you can find the alternative cinema.. as the cinema bar in the basement also has toilets, which are not visible from the bar, you could quickly pop in and not have to drink something (which is quite unusual for cafes: normally, they only let you pee whatever you bought at their own bar)
* all university buildings and public libraries, even polytechnics feature well maintained equipped installations for your comfort..

get the hang of it?

now, for some general tricks and hints:
in almost all of the world, you could try to locate universities, schools, tourist offices, official buildings where no entry pass is needed (in the USofA: forget it...), such as public service buildings for taxes..., hospitals, waiting areas for medical practices

of course, the list is endless, but when you're in a hurry, best to have some alternatives (i know that goes for me, anyways)

my pleasure..