zaterdag, juli 24, 2004

keeping the dream alive

a threefold stroke of genius
- the name of the group: 'freiheit' immediately links to not being free at all.. in germany, it surely calls back memories of the ddr (but then, oh irony, the full name used to be m√ľnchener freiheit, which is just about the richest city in former western germany...)
- the real close harmony in the first couple of bars is like a spoonfull of the worlds best sjokko on your tongue
- the lyrics of this song themselves, and a very 'plastical' title - which makes me think of the way that also 'a picture paints a thousand words', well this title does, too

tonight the rain is falling,
full of memories of people and places..
and while the past is calling,
in my fantasy i remember their faces..

the hopes we had were much to high;
way out of reach, but we have to try..
the game will never be over,
because we're keeping the dream alive..

no need to hide, no need to run,
'cause all the answers come one by one..