maandag, juli 19, 2004


even though that is not what i did today, current post will need to find its way under the pejorative 'procrastinating' title..  it used to be the favorite of my isifa-colleagues, so as an honour to them i must have at least one post under this magical word..
two thousand ideas popped into my head today.. so exhausting.. when i saw our brand new minister of foreign affairs drive by - busy on his cell phone, as joesoewal!- i thought 'must drive Porsche Cayenne S' someday..  (confusing ideas with hopes and dreams here, you'll see more of that happening)  then, only briefly after spotting one of belgiums most powerful men, i thought 'need to get some take-away coffee from that wonderfull place where they have all that designer food and the delicious desserts'.. which i consequently did..  yes, you have to give mr de gucht that: he has absolutely no effect on people at all, except wanting to forget him asap..  a small excerpt from his website today:
aan al mijn kiezers : alle 159.332 voor het Europees Parlement,
alle 70.884 voor het Vlaams Parlement.
Het sterkt me in mijn intentie om te blijven ijveren voor een liberaal, degelijk bestuurd Vlaanderen en ik verzeker u dat ik daarvoor mijn beste krachten zal blijven aanwenden.

so he takes up a position in the ... yes indeed: federal governement!!... (you have just won a test drive with his tax-payers Porsche Cayenne).. redelijk.. onverzettelijk.. my foot..

other randoms things today

a bomb alert in antwerp train stations.. nothing on the news, of course, this only affected thousands of commuters, it's not as if another political nobody did an **exclusive** statement about a flower shop they opened today..  for those who were lucky enough to have noticed: small kontich station today saw the simultaneous visit of several trains, amongst which a TGV, a double decker intercity, several interregional and other trains banned from entering berchem..  it must have been the first time since the inauguration of platforms number 3,4,5 and 6 back in the 1920 s that these tracks were actually used..  don't you just love the spontaneous and creatively opposite messages spread through the speakers of adjoining trains whenever such random things happen.. 

felt strange today, maybe through overdose of delightfully strong takeaway coffee, or absence of colleagues, or hungry feeling waiting in train too long, or lacking focus..

aaaaargh.. 'lacking focus'..   must.... open ..... post...... on ..... management....... blahblahstuff........
 (and i know where those things come from):

"dear students, near the end of this one-month long, hyper-expensive management course in the pictoral surroundings of corporate verweggistan, please remember the following expressions, so people back in your respective companies will actually think this training has actually trained you at something: 'this meeting is lacking focus', 'can we continue this discussion off-line', and 'let's increase the roadmap'..  from previous attendants to this overrated course, we have learnt that this is the part that they will actually use.."
so much for the office - let's continue this discussion off-line, shall we, because we are lacking focus here..


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