woensdag, juli 14, 2004


i never said i would be a regular poster, so why does post-post-post pop into my head.. articles i read say this may happen after a couple of years.. but two weeks.. the fear to write words that will be public, even with hardly anyone knowing they are there..

does google employ psychiatrists to look into this type of side-effects of their creations? (or should i say 'blogger?') there are so many things you can investigate - what if i were at university again? i sure wouldn't be so difficult anymore to choose a thesis subject.. Shakespeare did alright, you won't hear me complaining.. but this blogging? a whole new genre in literature, how often does that happen? the endless research possibilities..

and a whole new vocabulary.. tried the spell-checker those whizzkids built into this blogger-tool: guess which words popped up as unknown: google, blogger, blogging.. how crazy is that? it's not in the dictionary, or what? so, did i learn them these words? or is a private spell-checker now kept at google-building for denjames only?

i l*o*v*e* evolution, but i don't always get it..