zaterdag, juli 24, 2004


small side effect of the daily job: analyse analyse analyse, even the blog put up for fun..

here we go:
* lay-out did not get much attention yet.. a pity, but hey, life is short..
* frequency of posting: irregular, but a couple of times per week as a good average
* size of blogs: varying, from too long to too short
* style of blogs: none whatsoever, which i see as a positive point.. i like to think i can still surprise myselves by using yet another style - or no style at all - depending on the post..
* finally a medium were i don't need to put capitals, and were i can finish my sentences with .. good i got that uni degree in langkwuage and litteratjur then..
* as many topics as i have blogs, (apart from the genuine, and the pistolekes, and the business critic on ** insert company name here **), so no need yet to start categorising my thoughts..
* what if someone would really read all that stuff - should i pay for the medical expenses incurred?