woensdag, juli 28, 2004

ze wedder

finally.. summer's arrived in the city of bruxelas, were **insert company name here** has put up it's desk and computer storage place where i go to every day.. happy i'm not expelled to bangalore, or what was the name of our new site again.. for those selected / appointed to transport their brains to bangaleud as from september: they don't have a brussel bad, or a zuidkermis.. saw the beach today, kermis is planned for friday evening.. life is beautiful, people are happy and caipiriƱa's a plenty..

some acts of management efficiency: nothing but meetings today, one timing more strict then the next one, tempted to go out into the sunny streets between havenlaan and the royal palace.. someday, i may become the official bruxelas sandwich lunch guide, spotting the coolest walks, best sandwich stores, and funkiest coffee houses.. last week, i visited a maybach store on zavel by coincidence, to name but one of the many surprise visits featured in my guided walks.. (the audio guides are in preparation, now don't get pushy!)

for the concert lovers among you, i **do** boterhammen in het park, ab, turn and taxis, botanique, passage44, and many other selected places for public performances..
for the sandwich and / or coffee addicted: sandwiches can be ordered 'faites maison', coffee house selections are accompanied by personal opinion on waitress dress code (free of charge)..

for specific requests, please send me a quick note.. at your service..