maandag, juli 26, 2004

sausalito man

thought i'd give you blogsters a picture of myselves, in sausalito harbour.. at least it's really me, and the boats shown are really not mine.. for those who like this little village: you are so right.. for those who have never been there, but would like the same experience in the €-zone: go to portofino, cinque terre or venice, probably some of the most satisfying places on earth.. for those of you who may never get to venice: go to vegas, they have a real venice, too, only its cleaner and road conditions are better.. for those who may never see the strip in vegas: see movies such as leaving las vegas, or oceans eleven, which should give you a good idea of the place.. ocean's eleven's plot reads very much the same as the italian job, which starts out in venice.. now that's a coincidence, right?