zaterdag, oktober 15, 2005


several people doing prospectie at the proms - scouting if you will.. yesterday featured a lady from a leading belgian television network, producing a reality show... they might do a season on the proms next year, someone came to assess whether the event was chaotic enough to fill thirteen weeks of television with interesting conversation, cliff hangers, and proper action every once in a while..
today, we have a class of sign-language interpreters.. each year, proms does one show where sign language interpreters appear on screen, to allow the - partially - deaf audience present that special evening to enjoy the music as well..
later this week, we'll be hosting german press, having a peak preview at the event that will tour germany - under a slightly modified form.. roger daltry will be top of the bill, midge ure from ultravox will join in germany as well.. holland will have seal, and so on and so forth..

press, in the meantime, are quite univocal about this year's edition: orchestra and choir are greatly appreciated, and so are safri duo and mr proms.. ace of base seem to be less attractive to the professional press, but the many fans don't mind.. well, it's a combination of different tastes and likings, no one can do good for all..