dinsdag, september 27, 2005


am attending..

reading about my dinnerdates for the day, and am happy to see that few of them really post on a daily basis.. blogging is big.. blogging is still small, really.. whatever..

some really do get frantic about what they write - i'm being positive here, read it as passionate if you will.. others simply dump some links, or have no coherent blogging-tactics (just like myself ;) some never update certain pages (business, luc, really?), some only blog in languages that hardly x% of europeans can understand (that's a joke, my francophone friends ;), some publish pictures, and others don't.. blogging used to come under different names before, so it appears: scrap books, diaries, portfolios..

'do the following blog-types exist' is really what keeps me busy lately.. (well, for a small part of the day that is.. the other part is mainly finance, work related):
family blogs (where aunts and uncles unite with nephews and nieces, brothers and sisters), business blogs (where insider trading and company secrets are the flavor of the day), tour blogs (for the upcoming sessions of the night of the proms, blog someone?), ...

aiaiai, il y a des bloggeur francophones qui vont venir je vois.. allez, c'est bien, je commence mon cours de francais demain.. et je mekskuze deja: je naime pas trop les accents (ni graves, ni egus), ni les sesedilles.. as i said on luc's blog today (sorry luc), i'm indeed an anti-spelling germanist (meaning that i couldn't care less about the groene-boekje correctness, grammaire 2000 correctness or what do you have..) (i'm more of a haakskes [brackets] germanist, and a comma one, too (very much so, even)).. and a product of flanders: i tend to mix languages freely into a big denjames soup.. [referring to 'denjames' is not my sick pluralis majestatis kicking in: two year olds still tend to refer to themselves with their own name, rather than saying me, myself or i.. and yes, so does my two year old.. so mummy and daddy babble in third person as well from time to time..]

well, that's for now.. who am i having this dinner with?


Blogger Maarten said...

Wid mie, jour erstwhile colleega-geermanist, now turned full-time blogverkoeper :-)

Ai laaik joer spelling!

12:32 p.m.  

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