donderdag, september 08, 2005

zon zon lieve zon

kwou dat ik je pakken kon
kzou je vriend'lijk willen vragen
blijf toch schijnen alle dagen
lieve zon ga nooit meer weg
wil je dat beloven zeg?

Or, as Dorien puts it, "papa zingen zon?"

And she'll mimick half of the words along once you get going. It's a must-see, at the next family event, for sure.
Other candidates are the evergreens 'broeder Jacob', which in her case - technically - should be 'father Jacob', and 'On a big mushroom' (yes, at her age...)

It will be clear that she'ss lightened up our life for the past two years now, and also that you urgently need to take some dutch classes if this is too much gobbledygook for you..


Anonymous Anoniem said...

I can't wait to hear it myself!


11:34 p.m.  

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