vrijdag, september 30, 2005

google earth

to illustrate one of my favorite sayings:
a picture paints a thousand words..
in the below example, replace '1,000' by '4,000 +', and 'words' by 'airplanes'..
compare reading about it to seeing it.. type 'allied airstrip, tucson', and be amazed..

also, i tend to get lost when driving to work in brussels (therefor i normally commute ;) google earth, however, does not only tell me how to drive, but also shows me the main buildings i should pass by as long as i'm going the right way.. my preferred route passes by nato in evere, hp, bordet train station, then haachtsesteenweg, to end up next to the botanique..

but also: look into the pope's backyard, bejing's forbidden city, palm trees in the gulf, the white house surroundings, space shuttle outside NASA.. takes your mind off of work for a minute ..