dinsdag, september 27, 2005

hét boek - thé book

indeed, not a book, the book.. that's the ambitious title of a fat white pile of paper i nearly fell over in the library the other day.. written by geert lernout, a clerk in antwerp university - my promotor indeed.. i originally intended to publish a review of the book here, so i took it home and started reading.. after 10 pages i was bored to death, and after 120 pages and three extensions in the local library, i'm now giving up.. having learnt nothing worth remembering, and having fallen asleep on every other page while riding the train to work, i now return this blatant waste of good trees to the library.. where it may rest in peace and soon get lost between the shelves..

that 'a short history of the book' soon be reduced to 'an even shorter history of the book', amen..

PS: funny he should write this
Textual critics tend to become very excited about the presence or absence of a comma while remaining blissfully unaware of the fact that these obsessions are shared by an extremely limited group of people.

here, as all he ever said about my thesis was something about a comma missing..