zondag, oktober 09, 2005

blog dinner in broekseele

met some interesting people on the blog dinner last friday, saw lots of good ideas, technical tips and hints, and ate too little spaghetti.. thanks, guys, for an enjoyable get together with geeks, uebergeeks, hobbyists, my brothers, an old university companion, regular blogging mums and dads... without wanting to repeat myself: blogging is so big, yet still so small (in belgium?, flanders?).. as a modest explorer in the 'real' blogosphere, i could freely sit around the table and share my views with the few blog-professionals around, without being attacked, ignored or alienated..

as my colleagues did, i'll refer you to lvb for the pictures, even if they're not all as flattering (but indeed, luc, without the flash they preserve more of the real atmosphere).. pascal's presentation was the most brainstormy-interactive one, filled with concepts and sites yet unknown to me.. the microsoft man was maybe more commercial, but also quite technical for a novice like myself.. lvb's presentation can be found online, so see for yourself! coolz0r seems to be apologising for his thoughts, but what i saw was a lot of enthusiasm for his domain.. we'll probably see more of this guy's new hobbyproject soon

all in all, happy i could make it, and enjoy the positive vibes from my blogging concullegas.. denjames