donderdag, oktober 06, 2005

vocab update

several times a day, i feel surrounded by the most hilarious kind of emptiness, produced by a malignant set of neo-consultants, uttering little less than endless bullshit.. unfortunately, the kind of communication practised by these colleagues is very contaminating.. more often than i like to admit, i end up expressing myself in utter gibberish-sounding hermetic **insert company name** concepts..

or, as another blogger put it on the webiste above:
I am considering initiating action toward your organization on the basis of copyright infringement on my last twelve RFPs. I'll have my people call your people.
— Paul Z.

ever needed to greenlight a business case for an upcoming roadmap prioritisation committee, considering depreciation, manday effort capitalisation, non-staffed and staffed contingency? or to issue an educated guess based, partially mandays extrapolated (using year to date average manday rates?), actuals financial reporting for a business model implementation committee? already sat on a capitalisation compliance committee? lucky you.. some people really thrive on this vocab, and can hardly express themselves any longer towards 'external people' in a somewhat enjoyable fashion.. let's hope i'm not becoming one of these people ..

thanks for pointing me out whenever i seem to be practising to get there..