woensdag, oktober 26, 2005

value of my blog

peter from forret, who you remember most likely as the organiser of the first brussels bloggers dinner, has put a USD value estimation on belgian blogs.. with a little help from his friends at technorati and this Blog Value Estimator prepared by Dane Carlson..

My blog is worth $2,258.16.
How much is your blog worth?

this illustrates my previous point that blogging is not a mature market in belgium yet: if i can appear in this top 60 of belgian blogs, without spending too much time on it, it should be a piece of cake to make it to the top 10 (no offense, dear top-tenners!) when putting a bit more effort into it..

well, i'm enjoying it for as long as it lasts, 'cause peter has launched a call for more help with his categorising effort.. soon we'll be having half of skynetblogs populating the top 3,000, and it'll be bye bye for denjames.. my dear rikea is probably there to stay, and likely to go up (now that he's showcasing the movable type 3.2!!)..