woensdag, maart 08, 2006

are you a victim of the gauss

similar to 'the curve' at MSFT, **insert company name here** abides by the rules and shortcomings of 'the gauss'.. letter day today, so the question on everyone's lips today was: are you a victim of the gauss / have you been gaussed today?
another similarity with MSFT: the gauss is as confidential as is the curve, though a reality in each and every business group, big or small.. so, even though it affects everybody group-wide, very little is offically known about it among the bulk of the staff, leaving ample room for speculation and (educated?) guesswork..
after a couple of years inside, i have learned that questioning the outcome of the review process is a. not appreciated and b. doesn't change a thing.. so if you're a victim of the gauss: you're bound to be in (a?) good company..


Anonymous Anoniem said...


ik ben al een hele tijd op zoek naar achtergrondinfo van Gdje eta ulitsa, dat we met ons koor gaan zingen.
Heb jij soms gegevens van dat lied?


10:49 p.m.  

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