donderdag, oktober 27, 2005

John Walker, the microsoft fortune teller?

another must read article on microsoft by John Walker, dating from back in 1997

small quote, to get the main idea of it:

The technological frontier will not close, but it will be somewhere other than the PC software business. In terms of my 1989 nanotechnology screed, I think PC software is moving from the "Oh Wow" to the "Oh Well" stage. Microsoft may succeed in continuing to grow by diversification into media ventures and plush toys: but will see revenues from PC software transition from exponential growth to cyclical performance tracking the overall economy which is typical of mature industries.

i sure as hell don't spend another eurocent on updating my microsoft software.. in fact, not even upgrading the free software: had another go at firefox today.. makes me happy.. really, what are the features you effectively use in excel-whatever-the-newest-release compared to the 97 issue? 'trust me', excel is by far the most important tool for my daily job, so i do use many of the features, and i should know what i'm talking about.. (in a way, that makes me sad, i know..)