woensdag, februari 08, 2006

another month gone by

didn't blog for a month, what a relief i can still do that without feeling too guilty..
ongoing negotiations with an orchestra coordinator, with a construction worker, with some architects, with some auditors, with my bosses and some project leaders have kept me awake over the past few weeks.. (look ma, no adjectives in the previous sentence! my god, i could have qualified these people very, well,... creatively!) and, oh yes, the growing FranzFerdinand and non-sleeping daughter with an everlasting cold take up their fair share of daddy-attention as well (day ànd night)..

many things made me very unhappy over the past few days, so here's some good things to encourage the positive thinking on 'ze internets':
so happy that my kids are not begging in the street like i saw the turkish/romanian(?) kids do today in the brussels shopping streets around my work.. my babygirl makes the best air-pancakes miles around, with lots and lots of imaginary sugar on top that doesn't damage your teeth!! one of my colleagues finally got that position in hr he was aiming at for years, and i will soon get a coach-ee to do some of my surplus tasks..
great that my toddler stopped running last week, when i cried my lungs out in the parking lot where she almost examined the effects of a head on collision with an suv .. a colleague got a premature kid 'ella', but only six weeks early.. i remember the panic around when things started to go wrong months and months ago.. great that ella only came now, and not october last year.. all the suffering from mom and dad paid off - their kid is ok..
after a year and two months, i am now officially the person with the most experience in my group - and i still often wonder what i'm doing.. i love it when going to work doesn't mean falling into a routine..
i'm so proud that i got an email saying i wasn't really a frequent contributor to the city blog of my hometown - for me that means i got my priorities right.. also, it made me feel wanted as a contributor..
i still don't use capitals, too many brackets (such as here, where in fact i didn't really need them), and, yes, sooo many comma's (again!)..

back to the bad news: is already a quarter to twelve, and i still need to do the dishes for a week.. so long..