woensdag, februari 08, 2006

disclaimer for my muslim friends

never will i make fun of or insult (sounds a bit like 'sultan' inversed, doesn't it?) my northern-african or middle-eastern friends.. in fact, i will never make fun of anyone or anything at all, because i'm not capable of producing funny or ironic reading material, let alone insulting jokes.. which reminds me: why does mrs henin-hardenne always wear a cap? (my sick jokes-making and insulting-type colleague would continue as follows: and why does she still not have kids?, but i would never do that, off course!)

three nuns are going to heaven.. arriving at the gate, peter says: 'before you can enter paradise, you all have to answer a question'.. ok, so there goes non number one..
'which of these gazillion ladies here in heaven is eve'.. 'hmmm, that one' she says, 'because she doesn't have a belly button'.. 'very well' continues peter, thunder and lightning, angels sing, and hup-paaah the non goes in.
peter questions the second non: 'which of these quadrubillion men here is adam'..'that's not so difficult, it must be that man there' nonber two says, 'because he doesn't have a belly button either!'.. jackpot again, angels sing, thunder, lightning, enter non.
a little more afraid than the second non, the third one approaches peter.. 'what did eve first say when she met adam?' he asks.. 'oooh, that's a hard one', she says.. thunder, lightning, ....