donderdag, maart 24, 2005

blogzem avey!!

had quite a few remarks on my blog lately.. which was peculiar, since i never posted as little as i did just now.. but then again, that's also what most of the remarks were about.. anyway: it makes you think: the less you blog, the more people will promote your blog as a must see - or, in my case, a must update.. me thinks that GOOD!!

**insert company name here** has been busy, laying off some of the most unproductive, changing the scenery for some of the more experienced, but most of all: keeping the environment unstable.. no rancho relaxo there, my friends..

other events in denjames' world: doubled my DVD collection in just one day, through a promotional stunt organised by flemish magazine knack.. played out some banks against one another, to offer me the best mortgage on the market.. and we have a winner, with a quote of 10% lower than the one given by my personal banker.. which leaves the question why to bother getting a personal banker, if any mainstream bank will try so much harder to give you the best deal.. we have a popular saying in the belgian supermarket world that goes 'you have to earn them, every day'.. too many commercial institutions take your loyalty for granted, and forget to go the extra mile to give you, their long time customer, the added value he /she is looking for.. what a mistake to make..

cu, denjames..